Sex, Drugs and Performance.

Sex on heroin can be a prolonged and tragic affair.

I have no aversion to my partner not being able to ejaculate, and on occasion admit that this can even be of great benefit.However sex where you or your partner keep drifting off to opiate dream land,then wake up to continue the act before nodding off again, is not the most fulfilling experience.

Add to this the fact that heroin addicts tend to have sex with someone for the first time then move in with them the next day, and it becomes even less appealing.

Poppers or amyl, whilst creating bunny fucking type prowess for men, for me simply created anxiety attacks.

Coke was wonderful with its prolonging of all the fantastic sexual and sensual sensations and creating the ability to just keep going without tedium. It made life much more enjoyable for many a working girl of the boom yuppie years. The combination of sex and coke impressed me so much  that when I cleaned up I queried my councillor in rehab about whether a little dab of coke on the end of the penis and clitoris counted as ‘using’

Crack. Well by the time I was using crack I didn’t care about sex at all, and when it happened I wasn’t really present.

Grass and hash could be tripped out bliss, but I went out with many a stoner who lost his sex drive near completely, due to over consumption.

Speed again was an ejaculation killer, and also tended to dry up female secretions so I can’t really remember any great times on that one.

Tripping could be amazing (except on datura, on datura survival is the only priority); increase of sensation to the nth degree, to the point of not really needing sex as just stroking was so sooooo wonderful.

Alcohol is conducive to basic, uninhibited sex. Gender and age aren’t an issue, as is hygiene if enough has been consumed. Depending on the amount (a little can be great, a lot can get messy and too much can just lead to erection failure and sleep, often with dribble which kills passion even further).

I will say that alcohol in a small amount is one of the best ways to relax and get to know each other (Gods know that when I stopped consuming it, bedding someone become more difficult), but it is easy to misjudge amounts consumed and for less than pleasant ‘incidents’ to occur.

Most serious drug takers reduce sex to something that is only of interest after scoring (unless it helps the scoring by say, paying for it) and consuming and by then there often are more pressing concerns such as cleaning, sleeping, scratching and scoring more.

I think that will do for now; elaborations and examples can be written at another time.


About charlottejane2002

Author of 'P is for Prostitution', 'The Bloody Sacrifice' and co-editor of 'A Contemporary Western Book of the Dead' which are all published by Mandrake of Oxford. Italian publisher Roberto Migliussi has recently released 'The Sky is a Gateway, Not a Ceiling', a book of Charlotte's collected essays printed alongside images of his own art work. Charlotte is also an artist who creates spiritually directed art works from road kill and found objects. She has had her written work printed in anthologies and various magazines and on line publications and has given presentations at many events and institutions including Edinburgh University and Brooklyn's 'Museum of Morbid Anatomy'. Her art work has been exhibited widely including at London's Chelsea Gallery and The Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institute, and is soon to be shown in New York.
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5 Responses to Sex, Drugs and Performance.

  1. whoops forgot downers and barbs, both guaranteed to create a less than memorable experience.

  2. Joe Cavanagh says:

    How about Ecstasy/MDMA. It never improved the dreary repetitive dance music for me….but it could stoke the libido.

  3. I always thought GHB could make Anne Widdecombe squat on the nearest bollard. Wish I hadn’t thought that, come to think of it.
    Sex on Bella Donna?

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